Valentine’s Day Muffin Tin Meal

My kids were SO excited to see this Valentine’s Day Muffin Tin Meal.  My 3 year old gasped, saying “Look at this food!” and yelled for his sister to come see.  I guess he’s easily impressed.

muffin tin meal valentines

Our Valentine’s Day Muffin Tin Meal included:

  • heart-shaped carrot slices
  • heart-shaped hot dog.
  • vanilla yogurt with Valentine’s Day sprinkles
  • heart-shaped apple slices
  • ketchup
  • chocolate heart

The heart hot dog is the main piece of this muffin tin meal.  I saw the idea on Cute Food for Kids.  You just slice the hot dog most of the way lengthwise, and cook it! It curls up into the heart shape when cooked.

I made the heart shape in sprinkles by putting a small heart-shaped cookie cutter on top of the yogurt, and sprinkling inside the cookie cutter.  The heart-shaped cookie cutter is also what I used on the apple slices.

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