Vaseline Uses: 55+ Cool Ideas

55+ Cool Vaseline Uses

Vaseline Uses:  55+ Cool Ideas

Vaseline isn’t just for protecting skin.  It has many other cool uses as well.

Note: Because petroleum oil used in Vaseline is a bi-product of the oil that we use for our cars, there can be some health risks for long term use.  You can also make your own petroleum-free jelly at that’s nearly the same texture and color as Vaseline (more info on homemade petroleum-free jelly).   

Vaseline Uses:  Skin Care and Medicinal

  • Vaseline is great at moisturizing severely dry skin and can help protect and heal wind-burn.
  • Coat your feet with petroleum jelly and cover them with socks overnight to heal dry cracked feet.
  • Sooth shoe blisters by dabbing jelly on the parts that rub against your shoe.
  • A little Vaseline on your elbows and knees will keep them from getting dry and ashy.
  • Mix petroleum jelly with sugar or sea salt to create a homemade scrub.  Here are more recipes and ideas for making homemade salt and sugar scrubs.
  • Heath Spa Secret: Rub a small amount of Vaseline onto your clean damp face. Rub the jelly into your face until the greasiness goes away. This is a great moisturizer.
  • Vaseline is also great for getting rid of dry skin on your face from excessive washing.
  • Use it to smooth out skin after shaving and to help relieve razor burn.
  • Use it to help treat and prevent chaffing.
  • Warm up Vaseline and use it as a night cream.
  • Warmed jelly can also be used as a treatment for back pain. Have someone massage it into your back.
  • Put petroleum jelly in the freezer for a few minutes, then rub it onto your forehead to sooth a fever.
  • Mix with essential oils to create your own homemade vapor rub.
  • Apply Vaseline to new cuts and scrapes. While it won’t disinfect, it will temporarily prevent the cut from getting dirty and infected.
  • Use Vaseline to get rid of cold sores.
  • Use it to help treat bug bites, poison ivy, and atopic eczema.
  • The jelly can be used to help heal and protect new tattoos.
  • Petroleum jelly is a great substitute for Desitin as a diaper rash preventative.
  • It can also be used for baby massage. Just warm it up a tiny bit.
  • Put a little Vaseline above your baby’s eyebrows during bath time.  That way, the shampoo suds won’t go into their eyes, and instead will harmlessly go off to the side.
  • Have pets with cracked paws? Rub a little jelly onto their pads.

Vaseline Uses:  Beauty and Cosmetic

  • Many people have said that putting a coat of Vaseline on your eyelashes before you go to bed will help them grow thicker and longer.
  • Vaseline can also be applied to eye lashes to be uses as a clear mascara. It helps define them and leave them looking glossy as well as water proof.
  • Use false eyelashes? Use the jelly to remove the eyelash glue from your lash line.
  • A tiny bit of non-petroleum jelly can help tame and define unruly eyebrows.
  • Put the jelly on your lips, leave for a few minutes, then scrub them with a toothbrush. Rinse your lips and they will be smooth and exfoliated.
  • Used alone, petroleum jelly makes a great lip balm for chapped lips.
  • Make flavored lip balm by adding a little Kool-Aid powder to the jelly.
  • Melt a little jelly with a chocolate chip in the microwave (just a few seconds), Mix it and let is resolidify to create chocolate lip gloss. Here is another similar recipe for creating homemade lip balm.
  • Combine the petroleum jelly with your lipstick to create a cream blusher.
  • Apply a little jelly to your teeth before putting on lipstick to avoid lipstick stains on your teeth.
  • Petroleum jelly is a great makeup remover.
  • Dab a tiny bit on your ear lobes to make earring insertion easier.
  • Use the jelly to condition your scalp before shampooing. It can also reduce the scaling and itch that comes from dandruff.
  • Create a chopping hair look by smearing a tiny bit on your hands and scrunching it through your hair.
  • Petroleum jelly can also be used to hide dry, split ends.
  • Rub some jelly all along your hairline to protect your skin against the chemicals used in hair dyeing, perming and straightening.
  • Remove chewing gum from hair by applying jelly and working it into the hair until the gum slides right off.
  • Add some shine by using a Q-tip to rub a little on your week old nail polish.
  • You can maintain the scent of your perfume for a longer time if you apply the jelly to the perfume points before spraying it on.
  • Make your favorite lotion go further by mixing it with the petroleum jelly.

Vaseline Uses:  Household

  • Rub in a tiny dab of jelly to your shoes and hand bags to restore the shine.
  • Leather baseball gloves can be softens by rubbing the jelly into the leather.
  • Use it to remove makeup stains from clothing and fabric before washing.
  • Rub a tiny amount of jelly onto the neck of your nail polish bottles to keep the caps from getting stuck.
  • Light bulbs will no longer stick in the socket if your rub a little jelly on the bulb threads.
  • Toy wheels can be kept lubricated by putting a little jelly on the cylinders.
  • A little jelly can keep your door hinges from squeaking.
  • If you have a key that won’t fit into an old rusty lock, try rubbing a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the key. It works like WD-40.
  • Rub a little jelly inside your candle holder to prevent melted wax from sticking.
  • Use it to repair stains, rings, and scratches in wood furniture. Cover the area to be treated with a thick coat of jelly and let it sit for 24 hours. Then rub it into wood, wipe away excess jelly, and polish the wood as usual.
  • Before painting a room, dip a Q-tip in Vaseline. “Paint” the jelly around the edges of the glass, door hinges, doorknobs, and more. This will prevent paint splatters and smears. They should wipe right off with a cloth.
  • Rub the on the exposed edges of a carved pumpkin to help keeps it from rotting drying out as quickly.
  • Squirrels getting into your bird feeder? Apply some jelly to the pole that holds it up and the squirrels will harmlessly slide off.
  • This jelly makes great fly paper. Heat some up then pour a little into the lids of some jars. Place the lids wherever you see flies or other small bugs gathering. They will get stuck in it.
  • Spread a thin layer around the outside of your pet dish all the way to the ground. This will prevent ants from getting into your pet’s food.

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