Do you keep track of milk prices at your local grocery stores? If you do, you may find that there is a huge difference in price depending on where you shop. You may be surprised at where the best milk prices really are.

I recently compared the cost of a one-gallon jug of skim milk in my area. Usually the lowest prices can be found at Sam’s Club, Aldi, and a regional chain convenience store called Kwik Trip. Where do YOU think the lowest price on milk was? Scroll down to find out.

aldi milk price comparison

Skim Milk at Aldi: $2.49/Gallon

sam's club milk price

Skim Milk at Sam's Club: $2.15/Gallon

Skim Milk at Kwik Trip: $2.19/Gallon or $1.98/Gallon (Bagged)

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but milk was the least expensive at the convenience store. Kwik Trip’s bagged milk was just $1.98 per gallon. Our forum members have been discussing milk prices here lately. How much does a gallon of milk cost in your area?