Where are the best milk prices in YOUR area?

Do you keep track of milk prices at your local grocery stores? If you do, you may find that there is a huge difference in price depending on where you shop. You may be surprised at where the best milk prices really are.

I recently compared the cost of a one-gallon jug of skim milk in my area. Usually the lowest prices can be found at Sam’s Club, Aldi, and a regional chain convenience store called Kwik Trip. Where do YOU think the lowest price on milk was? Scroll down to find out.

aldi milk price comparison
Skim Milk at Aldi: $2.49/Gallon
sam's club milk price
Skim Milk at Sam's Club: $2.15/Gallon
Skim Milk at Kwik Trip: $2.19/Gallon or $1.98/Gallon (Bagged)

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but milk was the least expensive at the convenience store. Kwik Trip’s bagged milk was just $1.98 per gallon. Our forum members have been discussing milk prices here lately. How much does a gallon of milk cost in your area?


  1. Nicole P. says

    Aldi’s is the cheapest in my area at $1.89 for skim. Wal-mart is $2.35 at least. Use to buy 6 gallons at a time at Costco until I kept getting one to two gallons that were literally spoiled w/ each purchase.

  2. Candi K says

    If you use a Kwik Trip debit or credit card you’ll also get a percentage back! Buying milk and bananas with a Kwik Trip card usually gives us the best prices for these items. Plus, sometimes eggs and butter are good deals, too!

  3. Mysty says

    Farmers Foods (grocery store) in VA. was $3.49 for a gal. of 2% just yesterday. Wish we had bagged milk in our area.

  4. LeahC says

    $1.98 with Pick N Save (Copps/Rainbow Foods… Midwest chain) in ad coupon sometimes, regularly skim is $2.23. Also use a coupon for FREE milk from the previous week’s purchase of cereal/crackers/whatnot. My store does take $3 off my $1.98/$2.23 of milk so I “make” a dollar/77 cents:) I have friends who drink the bagged milk. It would just be messy having to pour into a jug or use the pitcher with it open in the fridge.

  5. Kayla says

    Where the best price for 4 sticks of butter? Just paid $3.19 for HyVee brand at HyVee…eeekk! Just checked my receipt and the cheapest gallon of skim milk at HyVee was $3.19…ouch…I go right past TWO Kwik Trips on the way home from HyVee…bummer!

  6. Natalie says

    We drink tons of milk, wish we had prices like those up here!
    $3.00/gallon @ Costco, Anchorage AK. Everywhere else is $3.39 and up. Boo!

    • Vicki says

      buy it when it is on sale. pour out about 1/2 cup into another container and then freeze. it will last in freezer for a long time. set it in your refrigerator about 3 days before you need to use it. i have done this for years. I buy 8-10 gallons at a time. This is for a 2 member family. i love milk. cvs and walgreens usually have a sale on opposite weeks. sam’s is a good place, too.

  7. Nanceann says

    the best price for where I live in Texas is Braums. half gallon is $1.67 plus it is closer than the grocery store less driving time

  8. casey says

    wish prices were like that here…BJ’s is the best here in Fl with a gallon priced @ 2.99 everywhere else is 3.55 and up >_<

  9. shauna says

    Last time I went to Stop & Shop their brand was 4.19 a gallon. ugh. I saw a sale for Tuscan recently for 3.59.
    Long Island, NY

  10. Ann says

    Given that milk is such a staple and the huge fluctuations in price locally everywhere, there should be a mobile app for tracking prices, like there are for gasoline prices. I use Gas Buddy on my mobile phone all the time. Anybody know someone who develops mobile apps?

  11. L Ham says

    Watching ads for several months….Walgreens has the lowest price when on sale….just paid 3.19 per gallon. 02/22/2015…seems to go on sale every other week.

  12. Mithat says

    Aldi was the best in fort worth tx ($1.40 a gallon).

    But i could not find the best here in Raleigh NC area yet ($3.50-4.00)

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