25 Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas and Easy Homemade Gifts

25 Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas and Easy Homemade Gifts

Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas to Make

Last Christmas season, we brought you 25 days of frugal homemade gift ideas.  This year we have 25 more frugal homemade gift ideas! Each day in December, we will post a new homemade Christmas gift idea.

Easy Homemade Gifts

homemade gift ideas

Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #1

Homemade Extracts These make great gifts, are frugal to make and you can print up a pretty label to decorate a second hand jar. [Instructions for Homemade Extracts]



frugal holiday gift ideas

Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #2

Homemade Baby Toys  Don’t forget about your little ones! We have dozens of ideas for  homemade baby toys. These are especially good homemade gift ideas because babies are likely to just play with the box from a store-bought toy anyway! [Homemade Baby Toy Ideas]


Homemade Gift Idea: Elastic Hair TiesFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #3

Homemade Elastic Hair Ties  DIY Elastic hair ties are a great homemade gift or stocking stuffers for teenage girls or anyone who wears a ponytail. These hair ties are way overpriced at boutiques and salons. You can make your own for just pennies and it only takes a couple minutes.  [DIY Elastic Hair Ties]



Frugal Homemade Christmas Gifts - Monogram Cards Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #4

 Embroidered Monogram Note Cards  A simple backstitch on plain note cards will turn an hour spent watching TV into a personalized homemade gift. [Monogram Note Cards + Easy Embroidered Back Stitch]



homemade gift ideas crocheted dish rags Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #5

Crocheted Dish Rags If you’ve ever used a crocheted dish rag, you’ll know why these make fantastic homemade gifts. They can be as simple or fancy as you like, and are another great project to do while watching Christmas specials.  Don’t know how to crochet? Learn one stitch – any stitch – from a friend or YouTube, and you can make this quick project. [Tips for Crocheting Dish Rags]


homemade gift idea bulletin boardFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #6

Homemade Bulletin Board Use any decorative paper to decorate this homemade bulletin board.  Add a picture of your kids and it makes a great grandparent gift! [Homemade Bulletin Board Instructions]



DIY Eye Mask for Sleeping Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #7

DIY Sleep Eye Mask  A silky eye mask only takes a small amount of fabric and elastic and can be made with a sewing machine in half an hour.  Add dried lavender for a relaxing scent, or make a sleep eye mask as part of a pampering gift basket. [DIY Sleep Eye Mask Tutorial]



homemade gift idea lip balm

 Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #8

Homemade Lip Balm  Honey lip balm in a cute tin makes a great homemade gift or stocking stuffer. You can buy ingredients in bulk and make a lot of these gifts frugally. [Homemade Lip Balm Instructions]




homemade fitness gift ideaFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #9

DIY Running Belt For the runner on your gift list, this running belt only takes an hour to make and only costs a couple of dollars! Mommysavers have shared lots of other frugal fitness gift ideas as well. [DIY Running Belt and more Frugal Fitness Gift Ideas]




Free Christmas Printable + The Perfect Present for GrandparentsFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #10

Deck the Halls with Hands So Small Framed Picture How adorable is this? It’s the perfect present for grandparents who have everything – and costs next to nothing to make!  Plus, it’s too easy. [Free Christmas Printable]




Homemade Gift Idea: Calendar Gift Basket

Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #11

Calendar Gift Basket  Gift baskets are fun DIY gifts.  A calendar gift basket combines lots of useful things for the coming year.  Get ideas for a Calendar gift basket or share your own here.  [Calendar Gift Basket Ideas]



homemade lotion barsFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #12

Homemade Lotion Bars  These lotion bars make a great addition to a spa gift basket.  Make them in soap molds or silicone ice trays to make different shapes.  [Homemade Lotion Bars Instructions]



movie gift basket ideas

Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #13

Movie Gift Basket If you’re giving any movies for Christmas, consider making a homemade movie gift basket.  Beyond the typical “popcorn and candy” with the movie, add themed gifts inspired by the movie you’re giving.  Here are many [movie-themed gift basket ideas].



diy fleece racetrack blanketFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #14

DIY Racetrack Fleece Blanket This cool blanket doubles as a racetrack for Hot Wheels cars!  See where to buy this fabric and [Fleece Blanket Instructions].




Creative Ways to Give Money: Money Chocolate BoxFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #15

Chocolates Money Box  Here is creative way to give money as a gift: a candy box of money!    A great thing about this DIY way to give cash is that you can give any amount you like. Make it all dollar bills for a fun inexpensive gift, or fill up the candy box with $20 bills as a creative way to give a lot of money.  This makes a fun Christmas gift for hard-to-shop-for teens, or a nice graduation gift. [Money Gift Ideas]



DIY Yoga Mat BagFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #16

DIY Yoga Mat Bag Here’s another frugal fitness gift idea for you to make: a yoga mat bag. These can be as simple or fancy as you like, but for less than a yard of fabric and an hour of time, you can have a homemade yoga mat bag.  [DIY Yoga Mat Bag Instructions]




gift idea homemade gingerbread playdoughFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #17

Homemade Playdough  Homemade art supplies are a frugal and fun gift idea for kids.  [Homemade Playdough Recipe]




hostess gift setFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #18

With a can of chalkboard spray paint, you can create some inexpensive Hostess Gift Set.  I made the serving tray and tin pictured here, and the chalkboard paint make them look as if they went together.  You could also spray paint the base of the wine glass so that people could write their names on them.

[Hostess Gift Set




Homemade Gift Idea Date NightFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #19

A Year of Date Nights Give the gift of pre-planned date nights all year long with date night envelopes. [Tips and Ideas for A Year of Date Nights]




homemade gift idea baby treasure basketsFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #20

Baby Treasure Basket A treasure basket is a collection of items just for baby to explore, and makes a great first Christmas gift. Here are several ideas, including a Christmas themed basket. [Baby Treasure Basket Ideas]




homemade gift idea tp snowmanFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #21

Toilet Paper Snowman This is a quick, simply, and fun neighbor gift, hostess gift, or even teacher gift! [Toilet Paper Snowman and Poem]




homemade terrariumFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #22  

After buying your supplies, this Homemade Terrarium takes less than ten minutes to put the terrarium together.  Look for interesting glass bowls and containers at the thrift store to make it even more frugal!

[Homemade Terrarium]



homemade gift idea candy bouquetFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #23

Candy Bouquet A clever gift idea, this candy bouquet can be made to suit the tastes of just about anyone. Great for teens and others who are hard to shop for! [Candy Bouquet Instructions]



homemade gift idea liquor bouquetFrugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #24

Liquor Bouquet If the candy bouquet works for most people on your list, this liquor bouquet will work for most adults on your list! It also makes a fun last minute hostess gift idea.  [Liquor Bouquet Instructions]



Frugal Gift Idea: Rosemary Infused Olive Oil - Great for dipping! | Mommysavers.com

Frugal Christmas: Homemade Gift Idea #25

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil  This is an easy last minute hostess gift or a small gift for adult friends or family.  The infused oil is simple to make and just takes a few minutes. [Directions for Rosemary Infused Olive Oil]


MORE Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas


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