Summer Fun: 3 Camera Activities for Kids

Looking for a activity to occupy the last days of ? Here are three fun scavenger hunt ideas your can do with a digital camera.

1. Color Scavenger Hunt with Paint Swatches.  Give your kids a handful of paint chip cards and send them outdoors or around the house to find and photograph items that match each color.  This is a great way to talk about different shades of colors, too!  Idea and photograph from Sun Scholars.

paint swatch color scavenger hunt camera activity

2. ABC Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Jenae at I Can Teach My Child helped her son find the letters to spell his name at the park.  A fun activity and learning experience in one! It is also good practice looking at things from a new perspective, and capturing it on camera.

letter scavenger hunt camera activity

3. Photo Nature Scavenger Hunt.  This is an activity that I did with my preschooler this summer.  I made a list of items found in nature, handed her the digital camera, and headed outside.  Our list included different colored flowers and rocks, a feather, a seed, a bird, a bug, a clover, etc.  She had a great time scoping out nature with her homemade binoculars.

photo nature scavenger hunt


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