Christmas Treats: Oreo Snowman Pops

snowmen oreo pops

These look adorable at your holiday parties, and no baking is involved!  The snowman is made out of an made entirely white with vanilla candy coating.  Plus, kids will love helping add the eyes,  mouth and and nose.  I used cake pop sticks for my , but you could make them without those.

Oreo Snowman Christmas Treats

  • Oreo Cookies (Double-Stuffed Oreos work best to insert the cake pop stick)
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Vanilla quick-melt candy coating
  • Orange Tic-Tacs for nose (cut in half)
  • Black frosting for eyes and mouth

Step #1:  Insert the cake pop stick in the cream filling of the Oreo, pressing gently so the cookie doesn’t break.  

oreo snowman christmas treats

Step #2:  Melt the vanilla candy coating according to package instructions.  Drizzle a very light coating over the cake pop, coating all sides.  Do not dip the cookie – it will fall off the cake pop stick!  I found the drizzle method much more effective.  You need to go gently here, as the coating can be heavy.   If your cake pop sticks are coming undone at this point, try adding a little bit of the candy coating as glue to get them to stick inside.

oreo snowman christmas treats

Step #3:  Place your pops on wax or parchment paper to cool.

oreo snowman christmas treats

Step #4:  Before the candy coating has cooled completely and is still slightly soft, push the snowman’s nose into the middle of the cookie.  Allow to cool before adding the black frosting dots for eyes and mouth.

 oreo snowman christmas treats

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    • Kimberly Danger says

      Hi Whitney – Don’t dip the cookie, the Oreo will fall off the stick. Instead, drizzle the almond bark over it and gently turn it to cover all sides.

  1. Bonnie says

    If anyone ever makes these, here are some tips…ALWAYS use “double stuff Oreos, easier to use the white cookies versus the traditional dark cookie so the snowmen look “whiter”, tic tacs don’t split easily so feel free to use the full size to make perfect noses, get at least 2 packages of melting chocolate wafers (I should have used 3 for 40 men), adding some white mint wafers makes them delicious, and don’t touch HOT melted chocolate! Ouch!…Oh and Oreos only have 30 in a pack so I should have bought two.

  2. Andrea says

    From experience – if you insert your cake pop stick to create a hole in the filling then remove it, dip the tip into your melted chocolate and then reinsert it into your filling – then allow it to cool before dipping, you have created a stronger bond between the cookie and the stick and therefore makes dipping easier. Also, those wafers can create kind of a thick liquid for dipping, so if you add oil according to the packaging directions and mix it in really well, the mixture you’re dipping into is a bit thinner and easier to dip your cookie into. If you combine the lighter cookies with the stronger stick and the thinner chocolate (or whatever wafers you use) the process can go much smoother for getting covered oreos on a stick 🙂 Once I discovered this we were able to make so many much faster.

  3. says

    EPIC FAIL!!!! It was harder than it looked. My oreos were breaking even with drizzling and they look like hot mess lol Guess I will just buy some brownies for my daughters holiday party 🙂

  4. Jennifer says

    Ok, so I tired these multiple ways and the cookie kept falling apart (not sure if they were old or something) but one side always fell off. I tried the pouring it over lightly with the chocolate and sure enough it would still fall apart. I tried putting some chocolate on the inside of both side of the cookie and freezing first but even still that is just too much work. I have made the oreo turkeys and had no problem with them staying together so not sure why these little buggers just won’t stick.

  5. Kate says

    I am attempting to make these for my sons birthday. They are so adorable and looked simple enough to make and the party theme is winter wonderland so I thought they would be perfect! Unfortunately, I have broken just about every cookie when inserting the lollipop stick. Also, it seems like when drizzling on the chocolate that the chocolate is too heavy as it causes one side of the cookie to either fall off or break.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful!

  6. says

    Is the Vanilla melting candy the one that is a bark shape(like bars stuck together) OR the little round disks in the bags? Guess white chocolate Hershey chips don’t work?

  7. Jennifer says

    Made these for a 5 year old Frozen party…they were a hit! However, I too had problems with the cookie totally falling apart while using the method of drizzling in this post. What I ended up doing is just putting the whole cookie into the chocolate (no stick) and covering it with chocolate with a spoon. Then, use a fork and slide it under the cookie and out of the chocolate. Tap the fork a few times on the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and then slide fork over side of bowl when you remove.

    Then just put the whole thing on wax paper and continue with the instructions about the tic tac. When the whole thing is dry, slide the cake pop stick in and then add the eyes and mouth. The stick slides right in and the cookie holds together because all the chocolate. Perfection!

  8. Melissa says

    I wasn’t having much luck with drizzling either but I ended up drizzling on one side and using a butter knife to make it smooth, flipped over to the other side with a generous portion on the butter knife of melted chocolate and I was able to get it smooth on both sides. I would recommend standing the oreo stick in something so the sides don’t look different.


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