Cleaning Out My Closet: Profitable and Cleansing

Kim inspired me with the hanger challenge (check it out HERE). I have clothes in large bins that I haven’t worn since we moved here a year ago; I’ve had a baby and come to terms with the fact my body will never look the same again, so I am getting rid of them. Friday night I loaded my iPod with Katy Perry (don’t judge!) and went to tackle my clothes monsters. And I was ruthless.

Everything in those bins was being tossed from my home in one way or another.  It helped to designate piles for sorting.  I separated my pre-baby clothes into three piles: Goodwill, consignment shop, and give away to younger cousins.

Pile #1
Goodwill pile is still upstairs waiting to be inventoried. I will write down every article of clothing and its condition for our taxes.  Charitable donations are tax deductible, so keep good records. The Goodwill pile will be cataloged and dropped off by Monday morning.

Consignment Pile

Pile #2
Consignment pile went to a local consignment shop that bought quite a few pieces for $104.60 cash.  This was my consignment pile (shown here).  What wasn’t sold will either go to Goodwill (pile #1) or my cousins (pile #3).

Pile #3
My give-away pile is going to be mailed next week. I know my cousins will be happy to receive it.

So by the end of next week, I will have gotten rid of four overflowing bins of clothes. While it was nice to earn $104 for clothes that I can never fit into again, it is even better than I have cleaned up our guest room closet! Soon enough that will be our next child’s room and he/she will need their own closet.

I realize these results are not typical. Not everyone has an extra wardrobe sitting around like I did. But if you are holding onto clothes you never wear, try to make a few bucks off of them, either by selling them to a consignment shop or donating them and writing it off your taxes.

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