DIY Frugal Gift Ideas for Teachers (Less than $5 Each)

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Teachers work hard teaching our kids 9 months out of the year.  It’s always nice to give them a token of appreciation during the holiday season.  Here are some frugal :

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EOS Lip Balm Card for Teachers:  This is a cute and more updated version of giving and “apple for the teacher.”

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Crayon Candy Dishes: These are bright and colorful and would look great on any teacher’s desk.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.33.51 PMMason Jar of Highlighters:  this is a simple, frugal, and most likely appreciated gift ideas for teachers.

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DIY Painted Initial Mug:  This is a fun idea!  All it takes is a Dollar store mug, a large letter sticker, and some multi-colored sharpies.

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DIY Pencil Vase:  This can be done entirely with Dollar Store items and would help brighten up the classroom.

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DIY Apple Candy Jars:  Kids would have so much fun painting this apple jar for their teachers.

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DIY Decorative Clorox Wipes Containers:  Every year the teachers in the school where my children attend consistently ask for Clorox or Lysol wipes.  This is an easy way to make them just a little cuter and brighter.

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Light Bulb Candy Treat:  I have seen these light bulbs for around a $1 at the craft store.  Find them with the rest of plastic and glass party favor containers.  *photo source unknown. 

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Strawberry Shortcake Mason Jar:  I love mason jar treats!  This is an easy and cute way to give a homemade dessert.

Here are other simple teacher gift ideas:

  • gift cards: Starbuck’s, Panera Bread, iTunes, gas card, etc.
  • fuzzy socks
  • fancy post-it notes
  • lotion
  • good smelling hand sanitizer
  • stickers or stamps
  • Redbox code attached to popcorn and candy
  • small plant or potted flower
  • multi-colored sharpies

Need more ideas?  Here are 10 DIY Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas.

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