Frugal Gift Ideas for Grandparents Under $20

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Grandparents are such an important part of their lives of their grand children.  They never seem. to expect much but I know they really appreciate a nice little thoughtful gift from their grandchildren  Here are some nice ideas under $20:

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Grandparent-to-Be Ultrasound Christmas Ornament:  Expecting a little one and want to surprise the future grandparents for ?  This is a fantastic way to do it! Just let them unwrap it and watch their surprised faces after they figure out what they are looking at.

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Little Hands Handprint Frame:  First time grandparents or any grandparent of a small child would love this great personalized gift idea that includes a handprint and picture.

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Family Tree with Hanging Photo Frames:  This is a fun frame idea that gives a special place for each grandchild. The photos can be replaced as the children grow.  You can purchase extra frames if needed.  There is also a larger tree available for families with larger grandchildren.

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Novelty Grandparent Signs:  There are several different cute signs and sayings available so you can pick that one that best suits the grandparents in your family.

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Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake Box:  Willow Tree is such a great brand of figurines, ornaments, and other cute keepsakes.  This is such a nice little gift for any grandma.

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Memories for my Grandchild Book:  Grandparents love sharing stories and talking about memories.  This book helps to guide grandparents through the process of recording their history for future generations.

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Great Grandparent Brag Books:  Don’t forget the Great-Grandparents.  Our kids have two great-grandmothers that like to look at pictures of the kids and show them to their friends.  It’s a simple gift but means so much.  They are also available for Great-Grandfathers, Godparents, and more relatives.

Need more grandparent gift ideas? Try these DIY Homemade Gift Ideas for Grandparents.

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