Fun Activities for Kids: Handprint Christmas Tree

Handprint Christmas Tree - Fun Activities for Kids

Looking for fun activities for over winter break? This simple craft will make a great homemade decoration, or a holiday card! Make an extra handprint tree to send to the grandparents, or give to a favorite teacher.

Handprint Christmas Tree Supplies

  • construction paper
  • green paint
  • yellow or gold paint
  • brown paint
  • rhinestones


  • glitter
  • black pen or marker
  • crayons or markers

Handprint Christmas Tree Instructions

Starting making your handprint Christmas tree by covering one hand in green paint.  Then, make your hand prints in a Christmas tree shape, adding more paint to the hand after each print. Here are two different Christmas tree shape suggestions.

Fun Activities for Kids: Handprint Christmas Tree

Next, finger paint a yellow or gold star on top of your hand print Christmas tree, and a brown tree trunk.

If desired, sprinkle glitter over the wet paint.

Once the paint is dry, glue on the rhinestones.  Use a black pen or marker to make strings of Christmas lights on the tree.

Fun Activities for Kids: Handprint Christmas Tree

After the paint and glue are completely dry, use markers or crayons to draw a background for the tree, or gifts under the tree.

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