Seeing the budget as a useful tool in your arsenal to conquer debt -- instead of a burden or chore -- can mean reaching your financial goals quickly.

Make Your Budget Work for You

While a Financial Snapshot is a useful resource for see the big picture, the Budget gets down to the nitty-gritty of your financial health in a proactive, usable way. From tracking and listing your … [Read more...]


Avoid Common Budgeting Mistakes

Now that you’ve got a clear picture of your cost of living, you can figure out where you can cut back and create your budget.  When creating a budget, a lot of families make critical mistakes. Don’t … [Read more...]


Calculate Your Cost of Living

Calculate Your Cost of Living Before creating a budget, it’s important to know what your current cost of living is.  This will serve as a starting point when you decide the areas you feel like you … [Read more...]


Calculate Your Household Net Worth

When was the last time you calculated your household's net worth?  If you haven't done if for recently, or EVER; you need to read on. You can't very well get to where you're going if you don't know … [Read more...]