Clever Ways to Organize Toys Under $10

Clever Ways to Organize Toys

The holidays are coming up sooner than we realize.  That usually means toys will be once again taking over our homes.  Don’t let this happen in your home!  Check out these clever ways to organize all of the toys.

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Reuse containers for small toys. Wipes containers are awesome for crayons, Legos, etc. Those Costco containers are large and made of heavy plastic. Don’t throw them away! Find more ideas HERE.   Cost: $0

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Magnetic Car Strip:  This is a fantastic ideas for all of those toy cars!  You can find this magnetic tape in a 10 foot roll on Amazon for $7.50.

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Bird’s Nest for Stuffed Animals: This is a great way to keep the stuffed toys from taking over or taking up all of the room in the toy box.  This idea turns them into a decoration.  Cost: $8

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Animal Cage:  Here is another great stuffed animal idea.  This is simply made from an old book shelf.  Use one you have around the house or pick up a cheap one at a yards sale for a couple dollars.  Then pick up some bungee cords at a local hardware store.  Cost: up to $10

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Hanging Door Organizer:  Normally these products are used to shoes, mittens, etc.  However as you can see they work well for art supplies as well.  You can also use them for Barbies, cars, and more. Sometimes you can even find these at Dollar stores.  Cost: $1-$5

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Artwork Display:  Twine, screws, and mini-cloth pins are an easy way to display artwork and you can easily switch it out to make room for new projects.  Cost: $3-$5

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.15.57 AM Bath Toy Baskets:  These baskets can be found at the The Dollar Tree.  You could hook these over a shower curtain of use Command Hooks. Cost: $2-$5

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Dress-Up Jewelry Organizer:  These boxes can be found at any craft store.  Use a 40% off coupon that Michael’s Jo-ann’s and other stores regularly make available on regular priced items.  Cost: $2-$5

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Soapbox Playing Cards Storage: These soap boxes can be found at The Dollar Tree. As you can see they are the perfect size to fit sets of playing cards. Cost: $1

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Board game storage. Sweater and shirt closet organizers can be used at board game holders. These can be found at Walmart or Target.  I have also found some at Goodwill as well. Cost: $3-$10

Here are more ways to help keep your home and family organized:

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