Whether you’re giving gifts to older who just want cash and gift cards, younger who’d love something snuggly, or anyone in between who likes candy, these felt marshmallow bunnies are a quick and easy Easter gift.

These Peeps bunnies are hand sewn – no sewing machine required – and made with felt, which means they’re easy to make.  The bunnies have an arm that can be used to hold cash, a gift card, or a treat when given as an Easter gift, or hidden for an Easter egg hunt.  And, a whole batch of them can be made frugally for under $1 during an evening or two of TV watching (or middle of the night baby feedings…).

To make felt Peeps bunnies, you will need:

  • felt (I used yellow and green, but pink, blue, or white would work)
  • embroidery floss to match the felt
  • brown embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • poly-fill stuffing

Instructions for Felt Peeps Bunnies (with arms)

  • First, cut out a Peeps bunny shape from heavy paper to use as a pattern.  I used a piece of Peeps clipart that I printed, but you can download a pattern here.  My bunnies are life-sized, but this pattern is a big larger.
  • Trace your pattern onto the felt, and cut out two bunnies.  Cut a strip of felt to use for the arms if using.
  • Using brown embroidery floss, use French knots to embroider a face on one of the cut out Peeps bunnies.
  • Layer both bunny shapes and the arm piece right sides out.
  • Using coordinating thread and starting at the arm, blanket stitch up, around the ears and down across the arm on the other side.
  • Stuff the bunny with poly-fill and continue blanket stitching around the bottom of the Peeps bunny.

  • Slip a note, cash, or treat into the felt Peep bunny’s arms and gift him away!

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