Easy DIY Gift Ideas for Kids Under $15

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Toys and other store-bought gifts can be so expensive and the cost can really add up.  Here are some easy gift ideas that you can make for kids that cost less than $15.

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No-Sew Fleece Blankets: This is a really awesome DIY project!  All you need are two pieces of fleece (different yet coordinating colors and patterns), scissors, and a ruler.  The blankets can be made any size from baby blanket to twin-bed size.  Plus fleece is usually on sale this time of year.  My kids keep theirs as the bottom of their beds in case they get cold at night.

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Hula Hoop Hideout:  I have seen variations of these sold in stores for $30-$50!  All you need is a simple shower curtain (The Dollar Store sells them) and a hula hoop.  You can add as many ribbons and embellishments as you would like.  These are cute for outfit or to create a reading nook inside with pillows or a bean bag chair.

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No-Sew Homemade Hopscotch Board:  Who knew fabric, felt, and a glue gun could create so much fun?

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Travel LEGO Carrier:  What a nice gift for LEGO fans!  How awesome is this for traveling?  Learn how to make it HERE.

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Disney’s Frozen Silly Putty:  Store bought silly putty costs so much money for a little container.  Kiddos will love this bright and sparkly homemade version and it costs very little to make.

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DIY Foam Lacing Kit:  No need to buy a pre-made lacing kit. Make your own for a fraction of the price with foam, laces, and a hole puncher.  In the tutorial HERE, it shows you use to use cookie cutters to make the shapes.  However I have seen holiday foam shapes at craft stores.  Use a coupon to save even more money.

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Homemade Stampers:  This is another great use for craft foam.  You can buy bags of pre-made foam letters and shapes.  Sometimes they even have a sticky back so you don’t even need glue.  Attach them to blocks, throw in a couple pads of washable ink, you have a fun gift.

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