Beachbody 21 Day Fix Health Challenge: Bring on the Best

On Monday I started a new 30 day Beach Body health challenge.  It’s called “Bring on the Best.” for the new year.  It’s my 4th challenge but in some ways I feel like I’m starting over. Not that I’m entirely starting from scratch because I know understand completely what it “ Approved.”  I also know the best way to work out and I’ve got the hydration thing down.

I feel like I dropped the ball during my 3rd Beachbody Challenge in November. I got overwhelmed with everything that was going on during the holiday season.  I made my fitness a low priority.  I also had a hard time getting out of my own head and just doing it.  I’m not making excuses. I take complete responsibility and I’ve learned some new things about myself, my habits, and how I handle stress.  Even knowing that I have had long term issues with anxiety and depression, I still have pitfalls and I’m learning how to climb out of them.

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Here is what “Bring on the Best” is about:

“In 2016, do you want to cultivate healthy habits that enhance how you experience love, work, and play, and truly help you truly FLOURISH? That’s what we will explore in our 30-Days BRING ON THE BEST. During our time together, we will be committing to , exercise and personal development. Assignments in this group will be based in creating new, positive habits that will have an amazing ripple effect in all areas of your life.”

The challenges usually take place in private Facebook groups.  The other challengers are there to guide each other and give each other support. There are usually one or two 30 Day challenges overlapping every month.  There is also usually a challenge that lasts for 3-7 days.  For example, in December there was a FREE 7 Day Clean Eating Crock Pot group.  This January, there is a 5-Day 2016 Kickstart Challenge. All upcoming challenges are posted on Beach Ready Now or the Beach Ready Now Facebook page.

The 30 Day challenges are broken down like this:

  • 7 Days Pre-Season: It’s a prep-week.  There is help and support in understanding the program, sharing recipes and meal plans, before measurements, etc.
  • 21 Day Fix Challenge:  3 weeks of portioned clean eating with exercise, hydration, Shakeology, and personal development.
  • 2 Days of Follow-Up: after measurements, follow-up support, etc.

My 21 Day Fix challenge starts on Monday, just after the New Year and I’m ready!  Follow my journey from the beginning HERE.

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