BEST Grilled Corn Recipe EVER and 30+ Other Corn Recipes


Last summer I was at a BBQ and discovered that I spent my entire life grilling corn on the cob completely wrong!  Yes, the foiled wrapped method is great and all but it turns out that the most natural way is the best of all.  Grilling the corn inside the husk it the best!  There is almost no prep time, roasted corn is easier to shuck (the silks come off really easily too), and it tastes perfect!

Here are the easy steps:

  1. Preheat your grill.  If using a gas grill, you want it on the lowest setting to prevent the husks from burning before the corn is fully cooked.
  2. Take a couple minutes with your kitchen shears and cut off the brown part at the top of the silks so that it doesn’t burn off during cooking.
  3. Simply place a row of corn on the rack.  I have a small grill and I could fit 9 pieces side by side.
  4. Close the grill and let the corn cook for about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Then flip the corn with tongs and do the same thing on the other side.

Tip:  Grilling at a lower heat for a longer period of time is recommended. 

Here is what you should see when it’s done:


The moisture of the inside husks and silks basically steam the corn inside. Sometimes the some of the corn kernels may be a tiny bit charred but it usually comes out with the perfect even texture.  Either way you get this really great woodsy natural flavor.  Then you can simply serve it with butter and salt.  You also may want to check out these recipes for Herbed Butter and Spiced Butter.

Summer is also a great time to buy corn on the cob in bulk to save for the winter.  Grocery stores really mark down their ears of corn around holidays such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July.  Local farmer’s markets are also great places to get a large quantity for a low price.  Mid-summer is when produce is really marked down at the markets because of the large variety and supply available at that time.

Some of our forum members like to shuck the corn and freeze it whole.  Here are some tricks and tips for Freezing Corn on the Cob. Another popular thing to do is to cook or grill the corn (as done above), remove it from the kernels, then freeze it for future use.

Below are several fantastic recipes using corn:

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Do have any favorite corn recipes?  Get more ideas and share yours HERE

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