Disney Snacks: Best and Worst Snack Deals at Disney

Best Disney Snacks

One of the best Disney tips to save money is to bring your own . The meals and meal plans aren’t a bad deal, but you’ll save a considerable amount by bringing in your own snacks.  However, sometimes the food is part of the fun, and some of the snacks at are downright worth it.  Here are some tips and tricks on what snacks to try and what to skip – and save money on.

Disney Snacks

Worst Disney Snacks Deals – Nothing Special

The first set of Disney snacks fall under the category of nothing to write home about. These are snack items you can buy anywhere for much, much less.

  • Regular Popcorn.  If you love popcorn, go ahead and splurge. It’s not as expensive as movie theater popcorn at least.  But it’s nothing special.
  • Whole Fruit.  Why pay $2 for a whole apple when you can bring your own?
  • Churros. The churros at Disneyland are worse than nothing special. They are small, bland, and dry.  They are also $3 more than a $1 churro at Costco.  Satisfy your churro craving at Costco instead.
  • Frozen Fruit Bars.  The frozen fruit bars are basically really expensive popsicles.

Disney Snacks

Worst Disney Snacks Deals – So Expensive

Moving on from the nothing special treats at Disney are those which are way over-priced.  All Disney snacks are expensive and over-priced, but these two are beyond ridiculous.

  • Decorated Caramel Apples. The decorated caramel apples run up over $10 for the fancier versions.  Even worse, they are impossible to eat in the park and the shop won’t cut them up for you.
  • Decorated Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.  You can buy a $5 decorated strawberry at the sweet shop. Or, for $3.69, buy an entire box of strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce from a fresh fruit stand.

Disney Snacks

Best Disney Snacks Deals

On the Best Disney Snacks list are the quintessential Disney snacks, fan favorites, and others that are just too good to miss.

  • Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches and Mickey Ice Cream Bar.  These two ice cream selections are so good.  It’s premium ice cream, not cheap soft-serve, and it’s Mickey-shaped! The chocolate the ice cream bar is dipped in is very high-quality and the perfect contrast to the ice cream.
  • Mickey Cake Pops. This is my family’s personal favorite. Not only are all the flavors delicious, but they are actually reasonable priced snacks. Much cheaper than the rest of the items in the sweet shop window (see $5 strawberry mentioned above). Also, you can buy cake pops with various holiday decorations.
  • Dole Whip. The Dole Whip and Dole Whip Float are classic Disney snacks.  Soft serve and pineapple juice are blended and are perfect on a hot day.  It’s another reasonable priced snack. The only problem with the Dole Whip is the line to buy one.
  • Norway Pavilion School Bread. This sweet bread is filled with custard, frosted, and topped with a sprinkle of coconut.  It is very popular and makes for a filling afternoon snack.
  • Japan Pavilion Kaki-Gori.  Try the Kaki-Gori shaved ice on a hot day.
  • German Pavilion Karamell Kuche Caramel Corn.  Another Disney Epcot favorite, this will also hold up well for a day or so if you want to take some home.

Disney Snacks

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