DIY Animal Costume Ideas for Halloween (EASY!)

diy animal costumes for kids | #Halloween

Animal are easy to make homemade for .  You can get sweats at Walmart for $3-$5 each piece, or check your thrift store for solid color clothing you can use. Sweats will keep your kids warm while trick-or-treating, too. Use fabric glue, iron-on webbing, or even double-sided tape, a stapler or safety pins to make spots on the clothes if necessary.

With most of these animal costume ideas, you can draw on a nose with make-up or face paint. Create ears to complete the costume. You can cut ears out of craft felt or even construction paper. Use fabric glue or staple to a headband, the hood of a sweatshirt, or an old baseball cap.

Animal Costume Ideas

Homemade Dalmatian Costume: Dress in white. Add black spots with felt or even by coloring with marker. Attach some long black ears to the hood and draw on a black nose. You could also use this costume idea with bigger spots as a cow costume.

Homemade Pig Costume: Pink sweatshirt and pants, black shoes. Draw on a black nose and cut out triangle ears.

Homemade Animal Costume Idea: Mouse

Homemade Mouse Costume: Wear grey, black, white, or brown. Make a pink belly and matching ears with pink inside. Draw on a nose and whiskers.

Homemade Lady Bug Costume: Put a red shirt or sweatshirt over black leggings. Use fabric glue to attached black dots cut from felt to the shirt. Make antennae using pipe cleaners and pom poms and a headband.

Homemade Frog Costume: Cut yellow spots from felt and glue to a green shirt. Wear green pants. Add some homemade face paint and be a frog.

Homemade Horse Costume: Use a brown hoodie and pants. Wear black shoes. Attach strips of black felt to the hood and back of the sweatshirt to make a mane.

Homemade Tiger Costume: Wear an orange shirt – you can turn a Halloween shirt inside out if you can’t find plain orange. Paint black zipzag strips across the shirt. Draw a cat face on with make-up.

Homemade Cat Costume: Dress in black. Draw on a cat face. Add triangle ears to a headband. For a tail, you can stuff a black sock with poly-fill or grocery bags, and safety pin to the black pants.

Homemade Bee Costume: Wear a yellow top and black pants.  Paint black stripes on your shirt, or just use black tape! Make antennae by attaching pipe cleaners and pom poms to a headband.

More Homemade Costume Ideas:

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