DIY Olympic Medals (Kids’ Craft)

DIY Olympic Medals

These DIY Olympic Medals are as as they are easy to make.  Pretend Olympic Medals make for great imaginative play.  Hold sock speed skating races in your kitchen. Or let the come up with their own Olympic Events, rules, and criteria and see how much fun they have!

DIY Olympic Medals

DIY Olympic Medals Supplies

  • cardboard
  • gold, silver and bronze paint
  • permanent markers
  • sponge brush
  • 3 yards ribbon or yarn
  • scissors or craft knife
  • cutting board or mat
  • a circle to trace

You can use paper board, like a cereal box, but you’ll only be able to paint one side.  Cardboard is also sturdier.  You’ll need 1 yard of ribbon or yarn for each medal.

DIY Olympic Medals Instructions

First, trace the circle onto the cardboard three times and cut out the circles.

Make a hole for the ribbon in each cardboard circle using a knife or scissors and a cutting board.

DIY Olympic Medals

Paint the medals.  You may need to do several layers of the light-colored silver. Alternatively, paint a layer of white paint on the cardboard before using the silver.

Once the painted medals are dry, use permanent markers to designate the place, draw Olympic rings, or write USA on the Olympic Medals.

Have a race! (In the race pictured, the girls had conspired to let little brother win.)

DIY Olympic Medals

Have an awards ceremony and present the Olympic Medals to the winners! (Perfecting the Not-Impressed Second Place Pout here.)

DIY Olympic Medals



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