Easter Photo Craft: Spring Lamb

Here’s another quick craft to entertain your young children with during Spring Break.  After I cut out the lamb shape, my preschooler was able to do this craft entirely on her own.  My favorite thing about this little lamb craft is that it is three dimensional and stands up on its own.

I got the idea for this Easter craft from The Guardian.  We also altered it to be a Photo Craft.  If you want to make these into frugal, homemade photo cards for Easter, check out the FREE photo prints offers below.

Easter Lamb Photo Craft Supplies

  • Cardstock
  • Cotton balls
  • Liquid glue
  • Crayon or marker
  • Optional (for photo craft): photo of your child


Here are the instructions for the regular wooly Easter lamb craft.

  1. Give the baby an art project of his own.  Mine is coloring on a piece of paper sticky-tacked to the table.
  2. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and cut out the shape of a lamb’s body, including legs and tail, with the back along the fold.  Cut out two head shapes.
  3. Put glue on both of the head pieces, and glue them together, with the folded body in between them at the lamb’s neck.
  4. Draw on a face and toes.  Tear the cotton balls into bits.  Cover the lamb’s body with glue and stick on the cotton wool pieces.
  5. Enjoy!

To make this lamb into a photo craft, simple glue a photo onto the lamb’s head.  Since the lamb’s body opens, you could also use this as an Easter photo card.

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