FREEBIES You Can Get On Amazon (Or Almost FREE)

Amazon Freebies

Who doesn’t love Amazon.  You can find and purchase just about anything.  It’s also easier than you think to get stuff for FREE (or almost FREE).

1. Amazon Prime Membership:  So this isn’t exactly free. It’s $99 a year and it’s well-known that you get FREE-Two Day shipping on millions of items.  However there are tons of other benefits you may not know about:

  • Unlimited streaming of videos, movies, television shows, and music.
  • Unlimited photo storage storage
  • Kindle Lender’s Library: 1 free Kindle book loaner a month

2. Kindle Unlimited:  This also is not exactly free but it’s $9.99 a month.  If you are an avid reader, this is for you!  Download up to 10 of millions of Kindle books to your personal Kindle.  Unlike steaming, no WiFi is needed.  It’s almost like you own the book.  Then you return them whenever you want.  These books include classics and new releases.  It’s a great way to discover new offers.

3. NEW Amazon Underground:  This is an app that gets you all sorts of right from your phone.

  • FREE Apps and Games
  • FREE game upgrades
  • FREE movies and TV shows
  • more to come soon.

4.  FREE Kindle Books:  There are tons of FREE Kindle books available for all ages and genres.  You can even find cookbooks for FREE.  Plus, sometimes when author’s right a series, they will offer the first book for FREE.

5.  FREE Kindle Reading Apps:  You can download any of the Kindle apps for your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  That way you can access all of your purchased books.

6. FREE MP3 Music Apps:  It’s pretty much the same thing as the Kindle apps.  This way you can access and download your music on all of your devices.

7.  FREE MP3 Downloads:  Amazon offers thousands of FREE music downloads.  It’s especially nice because classical music, Christmas music, and music for kids is FREE.

8. FREE Amazon Coins:  Amazon coins are an online currency.  $1 = 100 coins.  You can earn coins by purchasing apps, many of which are FREE already!  Then you can use your coins you earn to buy apps that cost money.  The option to use the coins you have earned is given to you every time you purchase an app through Amazon.

9.  FREE $1 MP3 Credit:  Any time you purchase an app, you get a FREE $1 MP3 credit.  This again includes the purchase of apps that are already FREE. The credit will be sent directly to the email address attached to your Amazon account.

10.  FREE Amazon Gift Cards:  Earn gift cards by trading in old books, text books, movies, electronics and more.  They send you the box and you ship it for FREE.  Check the values of the items you have to sell HERE.

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