Frugal DIY Holiday Decor DAY ONE: Dollar Store Ideas

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The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop for certain items.  Yes it’s true that some things are cheap and not worth buying at all.  However party supplies, tissue paper, vases, candles, crafts supplies, and other items can be used to create some really cute DIY projects.  Check out these cute holiday decoration ideas:

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Annual Memories Ornament:  This ornament is made with a plain silver ball ornament and a sharpie.  It’s so easy!  All you do is write the year and have everyone in the family pick a favorite memory.  It’s a great little family activity to do around the dinner table.

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Beaded Garland Christmas Tree:  This project takes 15 minutes and it made totally from Dollar Store items and a glue gun.

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Ornament Tree:  A Dollar Store vase and pebbles (found in the craft aisle), branches, and ornaments make a quick and easy centerpiece.  *Tip:  Rather than those stones, you can use those clear stone pebbles they sell in bags.

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Tiered Platter:  I’ve seen these done before and they are amazing!  They are basically made of a large plate, candle stick holder, and a dessert plate.  This one is made with clear plates, Mod Modge glue, and fabric.  You could also use scrapbook paper.  Or you could find plates and use super glue or a glue gun.  Either way, platters are so easy to make!

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Sequin Candles:  Candles of all sizes can be bought at the Dollar Store.  Sequins can be found these as well.  All you need is some glue.  So easy and kids can do this!


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Easy Framed Artwork:  Ever get a really pretty Christmas card?  Grab a frame and mat from the Dollar Store and frame the artwork.  You can also use mini ornaments and embellishments.

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Dollar Store Designer Christmas Tree:  How awesome is this?  Here is an entire tutorial on how to decorate a completely with Dollar store items!

Here are three more Dollar Store Christmas Decoration Ideas.  Also, be sure to check out these  10 Things You Should and Should Not Buy at the Dollar Store.

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