Frugal DIY Holiday Home Decor DAY FIVE: Holiday Card Display Ideas

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Every year my family gets stacks of holiday cards from friends and family. Instead of tucking them to the side on a kitchen counter or desk, why not display them on your home?  Take a blank wall, door, or even doorway and create a nice piece of personalized artwork to enjoy the entire holiday season.

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Card Frames:  Frames, paint (optional), wire, and mini-clothespins make great card holders.  In fact you can keep these up year-round to display snapshots the rest of the year.

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Shutter Card Holder:  Old Shutters and paint make a great card display.

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Wooden Plank Christmas Card Holder:  This idea is as simple as a wooden plank, paint, stencils, and clothespins.

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Ribbon Cupboard Holder:  How easy is this?  Tie a ribbon around the entire cupboard door.  Add some mini clothespins, and you have a simple and cute way to display your cards.

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Card Garland: This can be done with ribbon, twine, string, or thin garland.  Punch a hole in the cards and tie with a ribbon or use clothespins.  You can hang it on the banister, over the mantle,  or over a window.

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Doorway Swag:  Swag some garland onto a doorway or arch in your home.  Again, clothespins come in handy.

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Washi Tape Card Tree:  This idea is so cute and simple.  Not the mention the frugality!  My kids would have so much fun hanging the cards on this “tree.”

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Coffee Table Card Display:  This is fun!  Punch a hole into the corner of each of your cards.  Then slid them onto a metal ring and add a nice ribbon.  You can display them on your coffee table.  Your guests and kids will enjoy looking at them.

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