Frugal Father’s Day Photo Gift Idea

I tried this Father’s Day Photo Gift last year, but I really didn’t get any good pictures.  The baby was too small and kept chewing on his letter.  So, we gave it a try for Father’s Day again this year.

Frugal Fathers Day Photo Gift Idea

To make this photo craft, use papier mache or wooden letters from a craft store, or make your own, to spell Dad, Father, Grandpa, or a name.   Then, take pictures of each kid holding up a letter.  Use a multiple-space picture frame from the dollar store and you have a personalized photo gift!

If you can’t find a picture frame for 3 pictures, you can combine the pictures into one.  Above you can see the composite photo I made in MS Paint.  I pasted each image into Paint and lined them up.

You could also take one picture of your kids holding up all the letters at once.

Frugal Father's Day Photo Gift

Other ideas:

  • Mother’s Day Photo Gift (Mom, Mother, Grandma, Name, etc)
  • Personalized birthday card using a picture of the kids holding letters of the recipients name.
  • Take one picture of the kids holding a sign that says “Happy Father’s Day!” and the year.

Frugal Father's Day Photo Gift

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