glow in the dark drink cups

Glow sticks just never get old, even for “grown up like myself!  I recently purchased a pack of glow bracelets at Target’s Dollar Spot.  Turning them into these super- glow-in-the-dark cups is so simple, and would be perfect for your child’s sleepover or an outdoor party some evening.  Here’s how:

glow cups using glow bracelets sticksYou’ll Need:

  • Glow bracelets
  • Solid-color plastic cups (such as Red Solo Cups)
  • Clear plastic cups, the same size as the solid-color cups for stacking


How to Make Your Glow Cups:

Crack the glow bracelet to activate it.  Insert it in the bottom of the solid color plastic cup.  These Red Solo Cups are great because the glow bracelet fits nicely into the groove at the bottom.  It takes some adjusting, but isn’t too hard.

glow cups using glow bracelets sticksNext, put the clear cup over the glow bracelet to push it down.  Add ice cubes and a clear drink, such as 7-Up or Sprite.  Your guest won’t notice the “glow” factor until its is dark… so they’re in for a fun surprise!

glow cups using glow bracelets sticks

Thanks to Come Together Kids for the inspiration!