Halloween Kids’ Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Pals

I had the idea to make some friends with Maggie using .  I thought I’d check my favorite website, and sure enough – No Time for Flashcards did a Frankenstein TP roll craft a couple years ago.

We not only made a TP roll Frankenstein, we also made a ghost, a pumpkin, and a mummy.  Then, when I thought we were done, I came across a TP roll bat.  Maggie happened to be looking over my shoulder when I saw it, so 10 minutes later, we were making a bat to play with our Halloween friends.  Other ideas are an owl, a witch, or whatever your child is dressing as for Halloween.

Halloween Kids Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein

These toilet paper roll Halloween crafts are easy and flexible.  The photos are pretty self-explanatory.  Adjust to the supplies you have on hand, and your child’s capabilities.

Supplies Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Crafts

  • toilet paper rolls
  • paint (orange, black, green, white)
  • tissue paper or crepe paper (green and white)
  • construction paper or craft foam (black)
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • mini marshmallows or golf tees (for Frankenstein)

Halloween Kids Craft: Toilet Paper Roll FrankensteinI searched online for cartoon pictures of Frankenstein so she could see how his mouth is sewn up, his hair is spiky, and why he has marshmallows stuck to the side of his head. Cutting Frankenstein’s hair and the fringe on the bottom of the ghost was good scissor practice for her.

Halloween Kids Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

I cut several long strips of white crepe paper for the mummy. I helped her wrap it around by holding the end of the crepe paper while she turns the toilet paper roll around to roll it on.  We search for a picture of a mummy as well – PLEASE search “cute mummy” or “cartoon mummy” if your kid will be freaked out by a real mummy.

For the bat, we painted the toilet paper roll black.  Then we glued on googly eyes and taped on paper wings when it was dry.  She tried to draw “scary teeth” with a white crayon but you can’t see it very well.  This one is my favorite, because when Maggie plays with it she says, “Look! Its wings are flapping!”

Halloween Kids Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Bat

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