Healthy Eating at Disney: Healthy Snacks

Dining options at are no longer limited to pizza, hamburgers, and baskets of chicken and fries.  Each restaurant offers lots of healthier options, including kids’ meals   .  Not only that, there are healthy snack options as well!

Recently, new items have been showing up at the Disney snack kiosks and some of them are really good for you!  In addition to soda and bottled water, you can buy bottles of 100% juice (or juice boxes), Vitamin water, Smart water, or choose from several brands of energy drinks.

Healthy Eating at Disney:  Healthy Snacks

Fruit, such as apples and bananas, has long been available at Disney, but now you can buy bowls of cut melon, mango with lime and Tajin, veggie cups with dip, and even strawberries with chocolate sauce.  I’ve also spotted fresh pineapple spears and bunches of grapes.

Healthy Eating at Disney:  Healthy Snacks

One of my favorite new healthy Disney snacks is the hummus cups.  Each comes with Sabra hummus, and veggies and pretzel sticks for dipping.  A perfect, protein packed snack for at Disney.

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