5 Things: How to Stay on Top During Holiday Crunch Time


This time of year, it feels as if there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.  If holiday crunch time has you feeling stressed, try this “five things” technique.  You may not be able to get everything on your to-do list completed, but this will help you prioritize tasks and help you feel more in control of your day.

Grab a pen, and write down FIVE things to accomplish today.  Choose one task from each of the following five categories:

#1.  The Quick-and-Easy Thing

Create momentum by starting your list with something you’ve been putting off, but will take less than five minutes to complete.  Examples include making a dental appointment, RSVPing to a party, or answering an email.

#2.  The Time-Sensitive Thing

Next, add something to your list that MUST get done today.   These are the things that will suffer consequences if not completed in a timely manner, like dropping gifts in the mail to out-of-town relatives so they’ll arrive on time or completing a task at work by its deadline.

#3.  The I-Don’t-Want-To-Do-That Thing

This is the thing on your list that you least want to do, but needs to be done.  It may or may not be time-sensitive, but being able to cross it off your list will feel like a burden has been lifted.

#4.  The Quality-of-Life Thing

Don’t let all the other things on your to-do list prevent you from the important things in life.  Schedule time for baking holiday cookies with the kids, starting a new family tradition, or writing a nice thank-you note.  What things really matter to you?  Don’t let the minutiae of everyday life get in the way of the important things.

#5.  The Take-Care-of-YOU Thing

These are the things that we as moms tend to overlook.  Whether it’s getting some extra rest, working out, or devoting your child’s nap time to reading a few chapters in your favorite book — these things have an impact on your well-being.  They are definitely the easiest things to let slide this time of year, which is the main reason why it’s important to add them back into your routine.  When you nurture yourself, you’re in a much better position to take care of others and feel energized to take on other important tasks.

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