How to Get Ready for the 21 Day Fix

How to get ready for the 21 day fix

I’ve been a fan since I discovered the program last March.  I committed to the workouts for months, until I “graduated” to Extreme when it came out in February.  I love the meal plan because it is really about lifestyle changes, not a quick-fix diet.  HOWEVER – when your challenge pack arrives in the mail, the whole thing can seem overwhelming.  This post is for all of you trying to make sense of it all.  If you are looking for the support of a coach, reach out to me via the Contact Me button at the bottom of the screen to join my next challenge group.

MEAL PLANNING Checklist for 21-Day Fix


  • Before and After Measurements – Read how to take measurements the right way, plus a free printable for your before-and-after measurements
  • Take your before/after photos (Did you know you’re eligible for a FREE t-shirt when you submit your before and after photos?  Details HERE)


  • Print out your 21-Day Fix Tally Sheets and put them in your 21-Day Fix binder (just any 3-ring binder or folder)
  • Or, use the 21 Day Fix app (available on iOs only right now) to track containers IMG_1425
  • You can even print labels for your 21 Day Fix containers so you remember what to put in each one and how many servings are allotted per day.  I used a Brother label maker to do mine.
  • I also LOVE this creative idea for keeping track of 21-Day Fix servings.
  • Or, use corresponding colored Sticky Notes to keep track of the servings of each color that you consume each day.
  • Also, be sure to budget your time.  Here is an idea of the 21 Day Fix Schedule.  When will you fit in your meal planning?  Workouts?
  • Here are some 21 Day Fix Food Cards that you can print, laminate and keep in the kitchen for easy reference.
  • Create jars of 21 Day Fix Seasonings mixes so they are ready for meal prep.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions as you go along.  Here are some of the 21 Day Fix FAQs.  If you’re wondering something, let me know so I can answer it for you!  Want online support and accountability?  Join MY next 21 Day Fix Challenge Group!

NOTE:  Space in our current 21-Day Fix Challenge Group has been reserved.  We will have another 21-Day Fix Challenge Group starting soon.  Reserve your spot today!  Follow this link to learn more about it:  21-Day Fix Challenge Group Sign-Up


  1. Askia says

    Hi there! I have decided to try the 21 Day Fix and I’m trying to get everything together ahead of my start date. I have a quick question. Do I need a binder if I have already installed the app on my phone? I am ALL ABOUT a cute binder, but do you find yourself adding the same thing to the binder that you add to the app? Thanks in advance!

  2. Amber says

    I can not say say thank you enough for the quick and easy starter tips. I have tried and tried to get started. I have had my kit for months. Felt very overwhelm about the containers and meal prepping.

    The links were SO helpful that I feel confident about it when I start in two weeks. (Enjoying my vacation. lol)

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