Indoor Fun for Kids: Winter Penguin Craft and Song

Looking for something to do with your when you’re stuck inside this winter? This cute little penguin craft is easy and fun to make, and goes along with the cold winter season. Use construction paper (on hand, or grab a pack from the dollar store) to make a penguin friend with your , then sing and act out the penguin song below!

black construction paper (penguin body and wings)
white construction paper (penguin belly and eyes)
orange or yellow construction paper (beak and feet)
desired color construction paper for fish
desired color crayon for penguin eyes
glue stick

Cut out the penguin pieces as shown above.  Cut out a fish shape (we added the fish after I took this picture).  Color the white eyes the desired color.  Fold the beak in half vertically.

Glue the tummy and eyes to the front of the penguin.  Glue just the bottom half of the folded beak, so the penguin’s beak flaps open. Glue the feet and wings to the back. Glue the fish in the penguin’s beak or wing. We just used glue on the tail of the fish, so it wiggles.

Now, have your kids sing and act out the penguin song with their completed penguin !  My preschooler has seen how glide on the ice, so she pretends her penguin is doing that.

Penguin Song (to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little penguin black and white
short and wobbly, an adorable sight

I can’t fly but I love to swim
So I waddle to the water and dive right in

We did this for P is for Penguin preschool, and also used Kim’s homemade playdough recipe.

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