Easy Solutions for Keeping Winter Gear Organized

A Pocket Door Organizer Works Well for Organizing Gear

Organizing can become an ever bigger challenge in the winter, when kids come in from the cold and leave their hats, mittens, coats and boots right at the front door.  As a mom, you’re not only left with extra things to pick up but the sloppy mess from melting snow as well.  Here are some ideas to keep winter gear organized:

  • Attach clothespins to a hanger and pin up wet mittens to dry in the closet, out of sight
  • A shoe tray (or a cookie sheet with an edge around it) can be filled with decorative rock from the Dollar Store to use as a decorative drip pan for boots
  • Give each child a basket to use for their hats, mittens, and scarves and place on a shelf within reach
  • Use a plastic storage bin with drawers and label each drawer with a family member’s name.  When the drawers become too cramped, it’s time to pare down what they have.
  • Use Command Hooks on the inside of a closet for hanging winter gear

Some of these ideas came from our discussion topic: Does anyone have suggestions on where and how to hang wet winter gear like snow pants, hats, and mittens?


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