Kitchen Tip: How to Juice Key Limes + Limeade Recipe

Kitchen Tip: How to Juice Key LimesCitrus fruits are in season if you live somewhere they grow. I was recently gifted a bag of tiny key limes, along with this great tip for how to juice key limes.  This way of juicing key limes is faster than an electric juicer, and just as effective.

How to Juice Key Limes

Squeeze them in a garlic press!

First, wash all the limes.  Then, cut them in half. You can do this in batches if you like.

Put half a lime into the well of a garlic press.  Hold the press over your bowl and squeeze the press shut. The lime juice should come out the holes, and the lime rind will be easy to remove from the garlic press.

Kitchen Tip: How to Juice Key Limes

Strain the lime juice before using.

Here is a basic limeade recipe to use your fresh key lime juice. This limeade recipe makes 1 2 liter pitcher and also works as a simple lemonade recipe.

Simple Limeade Recipe

  • 1 cup fresh lime (or lemon) juice
  • 1 cup sugar (more or less to taste)
  • 8 cups cold water

Add all ingredients to a 2 liter pitcher. Mix well.


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