Photo Craft Gift Idea: Even When I’m Grown Up…

This was one of the best gifts I got from my son’s preschool years (many thanks to the teacher who had the patience to do this for all 24 of the little ones in her classroom!).    It’s a project that could easily be duplicated on a shoestring budget for any gift occasion – Father’s Day, Christmas, Grandparent’s Day, or Valentine’s Day.  What she did was to dress up each child in over-sized, old-fashioned clothing.  The little boys wore a big jacket, tie, and hat.  Little girls had on a dress, hat and also were holding flowers.   For the antique effect, the photo was printed in black and white (sepia would also look great).    The photo was mounted on black matting with the caption, “Even when I’m all grown up… I will still love you!”  Precious!


  1. […] Photo Craft:  Even When I’m Grown Up…  My son’s preschool class originally made this for a Mother’s Day gift for all the mothers of kids in the class – but it would make a wonderful gift for Dad, Grandpa & Grandma or another close friend or relative.  You can even “borrow” your relatives’ kids for a photo shoot to create this as a gift for the family.  They’ll love it!  [Instructions on When I'm Grown Up Photo Craft] […]

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