Puffy Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

Make your own decorations by decorating a paper Egg with puffs of !  This fun craft can be done with kids of all ages.  We did it over Spring Break with 6 kids ranging from 1 1/2 to 11 years old and they all enjoyed it.

Puffy Easter Egg Craft Supplies

  • piece of plain paper
  • different colors of tissue paper cut into small squares (we are using crepe paper)
  • white glue
  • shallow container for glue
  • unsharpened pencil (or a pen or marker)
  • Time: at least 30 minutes

Instructions for Puffy Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

Cut the tissue paper into squares.  1.5 x 1.5″ is an ideal size, but this doesn’t have to be exact.

Draw an Easter egg on the sheet of paper.  This is one area of this craft that you can adjust for different ages.  Make the egg drawing larger and more detailed for older kids, and small and more simple for younger kids.  A larger egg will take much longer to decorate, so make sure your child has the patience for it.  My baby just colored on an egg I drew for him and was happy with that.

To decorate the Easter Egg with puffs of tissue paper, take one tissue paper square and wrap it around the end of a pencil.

Holding the tissue paper around the pencil, dip the end of the pencil lightly in glue and press the tissue paper onto your egg.  Release the paper and gently remove the pencil.  A puff of tissue paper remains, glued to the egg.  Repeat with different colors of tissue paper, making different patterns until your Easter egg is completely filled in and decorated.

Another way to adjust this Easter craft for different ages is to have younger children glue the tissue paper puffs farther apart. This will probably happen automatically.  Gluing them closer together gives the Easter Egg a more puffed look, but it does take a lot more time.

Also, a warning about doing this with very young kids:  The tissue paper squares are very fun to throw on the floor!


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    We might have extra tissue paper lying around. I am going to have to check! I bet you can use the same thing for other “pictures too! Thanks for linkin up to It’s Playtime!


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