Snickers Ice Cream Cake

Snickers Ice Cream Cake - SO Easy!

You have NO IDEA how easy this Cake is to make.  It’s yummy and simple enough that can make it… even your kids!  Plus, it’s an easy cake to make for   birthday parties.

Snickers Ice Cream Cake

Caramel sauce
Chocolate syrup
9 ice cream sandwich bars
Whipped cream
Crushed Snickers bars (or other candy)

Place one layer of three ice cream sandwich bars down on a flat plate or tray.  Spread with whipped cream, then drizzle caramel and chocolate syrup on top.  Lay the next layer of ice cream bars on top, going the other way.  Repeat.  For the final layer, spread with whipped cream and sprinkle with crushed Snickers bars.  Freeze overnight or for several hours.

The beauty of this is that it doesn’t matter how messy the sides look (as you can see below, mine got pretty messy!), you’ll be cutting them off to expose the pretty layers underneath when your cake is frozen anyway.

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Snickers Ice Cream Cake


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