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20+ Easter Crafts

20+ Easter Crafts Here are 20+ Easter Crafts that are super cute to make! You can make them for yourself, for your kids Easter baskets or for other friends and family. Some are so simple that kids … [Read more...]

fall craft ideas

Fall Craft Ideas (10+ Simple Crafts)

These Fall Craft Ideas are simple, homemade, inexpensive and some even use natural items found in your backyard. Fall Craft Ideas Candy Corn and Candles (2 More photos) This Fall craft idea would … [Read more...]

Preschooler Easter Crafts

10 Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easter and Spring are fun times full of great craft ideas for preschoolers.  Whether you have little ones who want to make an Easter treat, or a group of preschoolers over for a playdate, there's … [Read more...]

DIY Olympic Medals

DIY Olympic Medals (Kids’ Craft)

These DIY Olympic Medals are as fun as they are easy to make.  Pretend Olympic Medals make for great imaginative play.  Hold sock speed skating races in your kitchen. Or let the kids come up with … [Read more...]

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft

Valentine’s Day Hand Print Craft

Make a personal Valentine's Day card with your kids by making hand print hearts and finger print hearts.  These Valentine's Day cards are perfect for sending to grandparents or other far away family … [Read more...]