20 Uses for Dental Floss

Uses for Dental Floss

20 Uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss is basically a lightweight wax-covered string used for cleaning gums and removing plaque from in between your teeth.  Because of that, it’s a surprisingly strong tool that can be used for MANY other purposes.  Plus, Reach brand floss can also be bought cheaply or even FREE after coupons at stores like Target.

*Note:  Buy the plain non-minty kind. In some cases, non-waxed floss works best.

  1. Cake Cutter:  Believe it or not, floss is actually great for cutting neat slices in cakes and is much less messy than a knife.  Check out these creative Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas.
  2. Soft Cheese Cutter:  Floss is better for cutting soft cheeses into neat slices than a knife or even a cheese cutter.
  3. Substitute Cookie Spatula:  Ever have cookies and other baked good stick to the cookie sheet?  Sliding floss under them can work better than a regular spatula.  Have you ever tried making cookies with cake mix?  Our forum members have posted several great Cake Mix Cookie Recipes.
  4. Meat Bindings:  Use unwaxed dental floss to tie up the legs of chicken or turkey to keep the stuffing in.
  5. Jewelry Making:  The strength of floss makes it a good tool for making homemade bracelets and necklaces.  You can also use it to restring broken jewelry.
  6. Simple Sewing and Mending:  In a pinch, floss can be used to sew up tears in clothing.  It’s also great for sewing on button. Because the waxed floss is water proof, it’s great for mending parkas and other outerwear.
  7. Embroidering Thread:  Unwaxed floss can be used to embroider designs onto fabric.
  8. Emergency Hair Tie:  Sometimes you just need to get your hair out of your face.  Floss works in an emergency.
  9. Emergency Shoe Lace:  It may not be fashionable, but dental floss can be used as a shoe lace  in a pinch.
  10. Ring Remover:  Who hasn’t had a ring on their finger that won’t come off.  Tightly wrap your finger in waxed floss right up to the ring and it should slide right off.
  11. Hang Picture Frames:  The sturdiness factor makes floss a great option for this job.
  12. Hang Christmas Ornaments:  Floss is can be very useful in hanging ornaments onto a Christmas tree.  Here are some several great Frugal Homemade Christmas Decorations. 
  13. Party Decorations:  Floss can easily be used to make banners, floral garlands, and signs for parties.
  14. Furniture Cleaner:  Use floss to get the dirt out from in between the cracks of furniture. It works for really any tight space where dirt needs to be removed.
  15. Clothing Line:  If you need an emergency clothing line to dry wet clothes or bathing suits, floss is what you need.
  16. Patch Up Camping Gear:  Tents, backpacks, and other camping equipment can be patched up with a needle and some dental floss.
  17. Fix a Fraying Rope:  Here are instructions on how to whip and fuse a fraying rope.  Comes in hand during camping and climbing.
  18. Emergency Fishing Supplies:  You don’t necessarily need fancy fishing gear.  Floss makes great fishing line and you can even weave it together to make a fishing net.
  19. Medical Tool for First Aid Kit:  You may want to consider keeping some unwaxed floss in your first aid kit.  It can be used to tie bandages on wounds for pressure.  It can also be useful for tying the umbilical cord after an emergency birth.
  20. Plant Support:  Tie around the stems of climbing plants like tomatoes, peppers, and grape vines to support straight growth.  Here are several other gardening tips that may come in handy.

All of these home remedies may not work for everyone.  Please let us know which ones do and don’t work for you.

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