13 Ways to Save Money at Walmart

Walmart is known for their low prices but if you become familiar with these tips you can save even more money.

  1. Price match.  Check out Walmart’s price match policy HERE.
  2. Find deals on Twitter and Facebook.  Walmart to known to post deals on social media sites so be sure to follow their accounts.
  3. Use apps to get rebates. Apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 to get rebates on grocery items you already purchase.
  4. Shop Walmart Rollbacks:  This is a just Walmart’s way to putting items on sale.  They generally last 30-60 days.  You can find Rollback deals on end-caps or displays in the center aisles.  Keep track of those and stock up on what you know your family will use.
  5. Meat Markdowns:  Ask the butcher at your local Walmart store when their markdown schedule is.  There will be certain times (usually in the morning) and specific days of the week.  Grab these deals and use them or freeze them right away.  This is how I purchase 90% of the meat my family eats.
  6. Shop store brands.  Great Value and Equate at the Walmart store brands.  Things like rice, pasta, canned beans, sugar, flour, and etc taste just as good in the Great Value brand cost much more than the store brands with no coupons needed.  Equate health and beauty products can be up to 50% cheaper.
  7. Buy party supplies.  Standard party supplies and start at very low prices, even lower than Dollar Store prices.
  8. Buy craft supplies.  Yarn, construction paper, and more cost much less than traditional craft stores.
  9. Shop clearance deals:  When Walmart puts items on clearance you can save A LOT of money, especially their holiday clearance items that are marked up to 90% off!
  10. Shop online.  There is a much larger selection online as there is in the store.  Plus they are discontinued items, close outs, and refurbished items.
  11. Attend store events. You can usually find coupons, samples and freebies.
  12. Free samples and coupons.  Find these are Walmart.com. 
  13. Avoid buying particular brands of toiletries and baby items.  Those can be found at other stores for less money on sale or with coupons.

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