15 Ways to Save Money by Menu Planning

Menu Planning calendar

Many people over-complicate menu planning.  All you have to do is plan your meals ahead of time.  Scribble down what you’re going to cook next and it will save you money!

You can save money when planning a menu by:

  1. Taking advantage of savings in store fliers, sales, and coupons.
  2. Incorporating leftovers into your meal plan.
  3. Keeping produce from going bad.
  4. Glancing through your freezer as you plan the week’s menu.
  5. Utilizing your stockpile – you know, all that stuff you got a great deal on?
  6. Remembering to thaw meat you bought on sale and stored in your freezer.
  7. Making bulk purchases.
  8. Using dried beans, which often require soaking the night before.
  9. Reducing impulse buys by making shopping with a list easy.
  10. Eating out at the last minute less often.
  11. Planning healthy meals, side dishes and snacks.
  12. Cooking ahead of time and freezing extra meals.
  13. Saving time.  And Time is Money.
  14. Saving stress.   Are you tired of dreading 5:00 because you still don’t know what you’re making for dinner?
  15. Avoiding last minute trips to the store.

New to menu planning? Read these menu planning tips from Mommysavers:

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or by type of food (Mexican on Tuesdays!) – any way you do it menu planning will save you money!



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