21 Day Fix: 21 Ideas for Blueberries

21 Ideas for BlueberriesOne cup of is about 85 calories and contains 15 percent of our daily recommended fiber. They’re not just low in calories and relatively frugal; contain antioxidants that can improve brain function, prevent cancer, and improve skin. Here are 21 ideas for – ideal for 21 day fixers or anyone trying to eat healthier!

  1. Nibble on them frozen as a snack
  2. Put them in your cereal or oats
  3. Blend them in your Shakeology
  4. Dip in yogurt and freeze
  5. Mix with granola and Greek yogurt for a parfait
  6. Mix with other for a salad
  7. Drop some in your water or wine for a delicious infusion
  8. Spread them over peanut butter
  9. Spread them on a tortilla and top with other fruits
  10. Top your salad with them
  11. Put them in your whole grain pancake mix
  12. Eat them with cottage cheese
  13. Top grilled kale with them and sprinkle with feta cheese
  14. Blend with Greek yogurt and freeze to make popsicles
  15. Darkberry Smoothie: blend blueberries, blackberries, Greek yogurt, and spinach
  16. Add to a tortilla with peanut butter
  17. Add to a whole wheat English muffin or bagel half on peanut butter
  18. Bake them on top of chicken
  19. Bake them on top of pork chops
  20. Mix with quinoa and coconut
  21. Snack on them fresh

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