5 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

ways to save money on halloween costumes5 Ways to Save on

  • Buy ahead for next year.  In the past, I’ve stocked up on multiple Halloween costumes at the end of the season when they’re 90% off at Target.  The key is to know exactly when those deep markdowns will take place (more on that here: Target Halloween Clearance).  Even if your kids don’t wear them for Halloween, they can use them for dress-up clothes.
  • Shop thrift store or secondhand stores.   There are so many fun, creative thrift store costume ideas that one of them is sure to please your child. By shopping for your costume secondhand, you’re not only saving money but you’re “going green” by using something that’s already been manufactured.  Plus, because most costumes are worn briefly they’re probably in excellent condition.
  • Swap or trade Halloween costumes with friends.  We’ve let friends borrow our costumes so they don’t have to spend money on a new one.  Even if you don’t know a lot of people you can trade with, don’t count this tip out just yet.  There are many trading and bartering groups on Facebook.  Chances are there is one in your community (a simple search will help you locate one nearby). Post what you have for trade and what you’re in search of.
  • Make your own Halloween costumes.  If you’re crafty, you can make or sew a Halloween costume (I LOVE the homemade bunch of grapes costume pictured above).  The key is to carefully track the cost of your materials, otherwise it’s easy to overspend.  Try to use or repurpose items you already have around the house.  Need some inspiration?  Check out our forum members’ Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas.

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