Best of Mommysavers: Round-Up of Cupcake Recipes (Delicious Flavors and Awesome Decoration Ideas)

Cupcake Recipe Round-UpThere is a huge cupcake craze going on right now.  Most likely it’s because are frugal, delicious, and fun.  Plus the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and it’s surprisingly easy to come up with professional looking designs.  The best part is experimenting with different flavored cake and frosting. Here are some of our BEST cupcake flavors, frosting flavors, and decorating ideas EVER.

Yummy Flavors

Frosting Recipes

Fancy Decorated Cupcakes

Holiday Cupcakes

In case that’s not enough, here are 40+ Birthday Cake Ideas.

Also, here are some tips on How to Have a Party on a Budget. Do you have any money savings tips for parties? Our discussion board members have shared TONS of ideas! See them and add some of your own HERE. Also, check out these fun ideas on our Kids’ Parties, Crafts & Activities page as well as our Happy Birthday page on Pinterest.

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