Holiday Recipes: 25 Days of Christmas Treats

25 Days of Christmas Treats

At Mommysavers, we know that Treats are a big part of holiday tradition and magic – for adults and kids alike! Last year, we brought you our first 25 Days of Holiday Treats post. This year, we’re bringing you 25 more!  Bookmark this page and check back daily from now until Christmas for a new holiday treat!

nutter butter reindeer cookies christmas treatsChristmas :  Holiday Treat Idea #1

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies These Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies are so cute, nobody will want to eat them!  They don’t require any baking, so they’re a great project for your kids to help with.  The Wilton candy eyes are such a cute touch.

[Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookie Recipe]




rice krispies christmas treatsChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #2

Rice Krispies Christmas Trees Add a bit of green food color to your Rice Krispies Treats to make these cute Rice Krispies Christmas Trees!  Add a cake pop stick if you choose.  Plus, the cutting method makes them really fast and easy to make.

[Rice Krispies Christmas Trees Recipe]



sams club starbucks perfect pairings

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #3

Coffeehouse Coffee Recipes Love coffeehouse coffee, but hate the prices?  We’ve got lots of great recipes to re-create that coffeehouse flavor on a budget plus other ways to create that perfect cuppa joe at home!

[Coffeehouse Coffee on a Budget]



jell-o popcorn christmas treats

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #4

Jell-o Popcorn Jell-o popcorn is easy to make in a big batch, so it’s perfect to give to friends and neighbors.  Be sure to make enough to keep for yourself!   It looks great in a decorative tin (pick them up at the thrift store!).

[Jell-o Popcorn Recipe]


25 days of christmas treats

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #5

Cocoa Krispies Reindeer Another variation on the Rice Krispies Treat, these Cocoa Krispies Reindeer are as yummy as they are adorable!  It’s another fun kid-friendly treat.

[Cocoa Krispies Reindeer Recipe]


25 days of christmas treatsChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #6

Oreo Snowmen Pops  Oreo Snowmen Pops would look great at any holiday party!  Use black frosting dots for eyes and mouth, and half an orange Tic-Tac for the snowman’s nose.

[Oreo Snowmen Pops Recipe]


25 days of christmas treats

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #7

Reindeer and Snowmen Mini Donuts How cute would these Reindeer and Snowmen Mini Donuts be on Christmas morning, or to leave as a treat for Santa?  They’re another easy, no-bake holiday treat.

[Reindeer and Snowmen Mini Donuts Recipe]


christmas treatsChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #8

Cranberry Pecan Pinwheels Pinwheel cookies are a holiday tradition for many.  The sweet dough combined with the tart cranberries is a colorful, tasty combination.

[Cranberry Pecan Pinwheels Recipe]



christmas treats - santa hat brownie bites

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #9

Santa Hat Brownie Bites Brownie bites are topped with a strawberry and frosting to create an adorable Santa hat!  Thanks to our blogger Amy for sharing her recipe and photos.

[Santa Hat Brownie Bites Recipe]


Christmas Treats - homemade French Vanilla CreamerChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #10

Homemade French Vanilla Creamer Homemade French Vanilla creamer is as simple as dumping and stirring!  Plus, it costs a lot less than the store-brand version.  If vanilla isn’t your thing, you can use other extracts in this simple holiday recipe. Peppermint would be delicious!

[Homemade French Vanilla Creamer Recipe]

White Chocolate Bread PuddingChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #11

White Chocolate Cranberry Bread Pudding  This was easy to make, tasted fabulous, and would look great on any holiday table.  Plus,  use day-old French bread to make it super-frugal.

[White Chocolate Cranberry Bread Pudding Recipe]


holiday popcorn crunch recipeChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #12

Holiday Popcorn Crunch  Popcorn makes this recipe frugal, all the holiday goodies make it delicious!   Plus, this takes less than ten minutes to make!

[Holiday Popcorn Crunch Recipe]


double chocolate diamonds

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #13

Double Chocolate Diamonds  A peanut butter cookie based is topped with double-chocolate fudge on top.  A great addition to any holiday party tray!

[Double Chocolate Diamonds Recipe]


christmas cookie bark

Christmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #14

Christmas Cookie Bark  This Christmas Treat requires only three ingredients:  Oreos, Almond Bark, and holiday sprinkles.  It looks festive and tastes great.

[Christmas Cookie Bark Recipe]


christmas treats marshmallow snowmanChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #15

Marshmallow Snowman  Like many other holiday treats, this marshmallow snowman makes a fun kids’ activity as well.  We had the snowman ingredients sitting on our table for two days before we had time to make these and my kids were SO excited.

[Marshmallow Snowman Recipe]


pecan tassies recipeChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #16

Pecan Tassies  For our family, it wouldn’t be Christmas without these Pecan Tassies.  My grandmother made them and passed the recipe on down to my mom, and now I’m making them too.   Be warned:  it’s nearly impossible to eat just one!

[Pecan Tassies Recipe]


goat cheese crostiniChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #17

Goat Cheese Crostini  Not all Christmas treats are sweet!  We love savory goodies as well.  ALDI carries goat cheese as a seasonal selection, and it’s pretty frugal!  These goat cheese crostini will impress even the most discriminating foodie at your holiday party.

[Goat Cheese Crostini Recipe]


club cracker toffee cookies christmas treatChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #18

Club Cracker Toffee Cookies  There are a lot of variations on this holiday treat.  Some make it with saltines, others with graham crackers.  Any which way, they’re addictive!

[Club Cracker Toffee Cookies Recipe]


holiday treats cheese straw recipeChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #19

Cheese Straws  Another savory favorite, these cheese straws are made from a dough made of sharp Cheddar, butter and flour.  Sweet Chipotle pepper gives it a little kick.  Guaranteed these won’t last until Christmas!

[Cheese Straws Recipe]


easy apple pie bitesChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #20

Easy Apple Pie Bites  Only five ingredients, these Easy Apple Pie Bites are ready in under 30 minutes.  They taste great any time of year!

[Easy Apple Pie Bites Recipe]


easy chocolate reindeer cupcakesChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #21

Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes  Here’s another kid-friendly recipe.  These Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes are easy to decorate with pretzel twists, Wilton Eyes, Mini Nilla Wafers and M&Ms.  Kids will love helping!

[Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes]


Hot Crab Dip RecipeChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #22

Hot Crab Dip Recipe  This is one of my favorite dip recipes.  I’ve been making it for years, and have so many requests to share it.  Here you go!  It’s particularly festive around the with a sprinkle of red and green (paprika and dill).

[Hot Crab Dip Recipe]

southwest egg bakeChristmas Recipes:  Holiday Treat Idea #23

Southwest Egg Bake  Here’s a great make-ahead breakfast recipe for Christmas morning.  It’s easy to put together on Christmas eve, and pop in the oven Christmas morning.  Plus, everyone will love it!

[Southwest Egg Bake]



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