Create a Custom-Made Collage from Thrift Store Frames

Thrift Store Collage Frame – Finished
Thrift Store Frames

Like most moms, I have a deluge of artwork that comes home from school with the kids. I hate throwing it away and often wonder what I can do with it to display it or preserve it. One solution is to create a collage frame.

Instead of paying $30 or more for a large wooden frame, I went to the thrift store to see what they had to offer. The pictures there are mostly pretty dated and ugly, so you’ll have to use your imagination a little bit. Choose a frame with lines you like, ignoring what’s inside.  I was able to find a  large frame for just $5.

When you get it home, dis-assemble the frame and remove the glass. Use spray paint (I used gloss paint) to change the color to match your decor.

Then, using artwork, school projects and cut and paste to make a colorful collage to display. I used the old artwork inside as a base and glued my collage directly on top of the old picture.

Cost of Frame = $5.00
Cost of Spray Paint = $.97
Total Cost of Project = $5.97


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    I’m in the middle of working on a project like this right now. I’m making a family collage with Salvation army bought frames, sprayed black. Then I’m gathering up our favorite photos, having them redone in black and white and then putting them all up on the wall. Hoping to have the final project done on Thursday!


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