Here’s an easy and fun homemade ornament to make with your kids.  You could start a collection of these to remember each year with! I bought a large, silver, plastic ornament at the dollar store and used a Sharpie to write memories and events of the year on it. Around the top of the ornament I wrote 2010 Memories.

Here are some other ideas you could use to personalize a dollar store ornament:

  • List each child’s accomplishments, milestones, and proudest moments of the year on a different ornament
  • Record silly things the kids said or did during the year
  • List each family member’s favorites of that year – book, food, movie, etc. on their own ornament
  • Have each child color or decorate their own ornament using colored permanent markers.

You can also use Sharpies to personalize purchased ornaments, such as recording the date you bought it, or adding a family member’s name.

Here’s another great homemade ornament that would make a nice gift. Want more Homemade Christmas Decorations? Check out this thread!

Update: We did a homemade Time Capsule ornament this year so I could include a school photo.