Easter Egg Piñata

You can make an Egg Piñata for under $5 using a large balloon, candy, tissue paper and some things you probably already have around the house. Kids love to work on this project, and if they’re at home on Spring Break it’s a great way to keep them busy!  Here’s how we made ours:

1. Cut newspaper in strips about one inch by six inches long. Make a paper mache paste using one part flour and two parts water.

2. Dip newspaper strips in paste and apply in layers to balloon. Allow balloon to dry several hours or overnight. Apply a second coat of newspaper and again allow to dry.

3. To decorate the , use acrylic paint or tissue paper cut in one-inch strips, creating a fringe at the end. Layer the strips from the bottom up. We used three contrasting colors to look like an Easter egg.

4. Cut a small hole in the top of the pinata to insert candy, then close with masking tape. Cut holes to thread twine through the top to string pinata.

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