Frugal Clean Eating: 4 Places You MUST Look Every Time You Are At the Grocery Store

Frugal Clean Eating Grocery Store

All grocery stores have overstocks and past-date food.  A lot of the time the non-perishables go to local grocery outlets.  The perishables have to go too so stores will mark them down.  There are four places I ALWAYS check when I go to the grocery store.  Even I go in for a couple things, I always check these 4 places for items family family needs or may need in the near future.

1.  Produce Markdowns


In my local store, there is almost always a rack towards the back of the product department. Soft produce like avocados, tomatoes, peaches, etc. are usually too ripe. However apples, pears, peppers, bananas, mushrooms, and other fruits and vegetables are great if used or frozen right away. It’s not usual to save 50-75%.

2. Meat Department Markdowns


Every grocery store I know of marks down their meat the day before it expires (sometimes 2 days). As long as you take it home right away and either cook it or freeze it, it’s perfectly fine. If I get lucky and find several packages of ground turkey or chicken marked down. I brown it all, divide it into meal sizes portions, and freeze it for when I need it.  I save anywhere from 30-75%.

3.  Bakery Markdowns


I usually find a rack like this somewhere at the edge of the bakery department or towards the back of the store near the employee entrance closest to the dairy department. I stay away from the bakery sweets and focus on whole grain rolls, bagels, and bread. Most of the time I save 50%.

4. Dry/Canned Goods and More


I find racks and/or shopping carts full of discontinued or damaged items. They include and aren’t limited to: canned food, dry goods, home items, personal care, and seasonal. Save 50% or more.  The selection varies but sometimes I get really lucky.  Recently I found Pillsbury gluten-free flour at $2.99 for lbs instead of $5.99!  I use it for thickening sauces and stews.

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