Frugal DIY Holiday Decor DAY FOUR: Homemade Ornaments

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Homemade ornaments are a great way to make your look personal and also make great Christmas gifts. It’s not hard to make ornaments that look store bought but actually cost a lot less to make.  Here are some fun ideas.

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Glitter Ball Ornament:  Use any cheap Christmas ball, ripped strips of an old book, Mod Podge, and glitter.  The tags are printed or you can use little bows or other embellishments.

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Key Ornaments:  Michael’s sells these keys in their “Dollar Bins.”  You can spray paint them any color you want.  They also have spools of ribbon for $1 each.  You can also add bows or charms.

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Button Ornaments:  Floral wire, buttons, and ribbon are all you need to make these cute ornaments.  (Kids can even make them too)

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Message in a Bottle Ornament:  Craft stores sell these cute mini-bottles for around $1 each.  Print a cute little Christmas message on nice paper, add some charms and string, and you have a really cute ornament.

Here are some fun Christmas ornaments for kids that kids can make:

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Kids Christmas Tree Ornament:  Who knew cardstock paper, popsicle sticks, and buttons could be so cute?

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Time Capsule Ornaments:  Clear ornaments are pretty inexpensive.  Add a photo of your child, the year, and some memories they have written down.  Then when they graduate high school, you give give them their own collection.

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Paint and Glitter Ornament:  Poor some paint and glitter into the ornament.  Glue the top shut and let the kids shake it.

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MORE Kids Ornament Ideas:  Kids can spend an entire afternoon making ornaments with paper, popsicle sticks, buttons, pops, glitter, sequins, and more.

Save money on all of your craft supplies by checking these Ways to Save Money at Michael’s.

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