Fun for Kids: Magic Milk Fireworks Kitchen Experiment

Milk Magic Kitchen Experiment

Kitchen experiments make great indoor for .  This magic fireworks experiment was frugal, easy enough for my preschoolers, and we already had all the supplies on hand.  To do this experiment in your own you’ll need:

  • a dinner plate
  • a cotton swab
  • liquid food coloring
  • liquid dish soap
  • milk (we used skim milk, but you can try the experiment with different kinds)

Milk Magic Kitchen Experiment Supplies

  1. Cover the dish with a layer of milk.
  2. Add a drop of each color of food coloring near the center of the milk.
  3. Touch the cotton swab in the center and observe if anything happens.  Be careful not to stir the milk.
  4. Put a drop of dish soap on the end of the cotton swab and touch it to the center of the milk again.  Fireworks!

Milk Magic Kitchen Experiment

My young children were happy enough to make fireworks over and over with their soapy cotton swabs.  Older children can make predictions about using water, different types of milk, or putting the cotton swab in different locations on the plate, etc.

Milk Magic Kitchen Experiment


  1. carrie watson says

    Love it! Just did this the other day with my 9 yr old in fact. It was great for a rainy day activity, along with other kids kitchen science experiments. Next we’re gonna do the rubber egg.

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