grocery cost comparison

Have you ever wondered which grocery stores have the lowest prices in your town?  ?  ?  ?  Or, maybe a regional high-low store?   With prices constantly changing, it’s hard to know.   Conducting your own grocery store price comparison requires just a small investment of time, but gives you a big advantage as a well-informed shopper.

Grocery Store Price Comparison Notes and Methods:

I asked Mommysavers forum members for the 25 grocery items they purchase most frequently and used their feedback to update my price book.  Some of the items I took out of my grocery store price comparison because there was too much variation among products in each store.

At all stores, I used the lowest-cost item available as my recorded price.  In most cases, that was the store brand.  In a few cases, it was a national brand.

Target stores give their REDcard holders an additional 5% off the total when they use the card.  Therefore, I computed prices both with and without the REDcard discount.

Since grocery prices vary by region, I compared with stores within a 2-mile radius in Mankato, Minnesota, within the same week in April 2013.

If you do your own grocery store price comparison, I recommend keeping a price book.  Not only will price differences become more apparent, you’ll be able to easily identify sales cycles and when prices are rock-bottom you’ll know so that you can stock up.  You can split the work by sharing Google docs and having one friend do each store.

grocery store cost comparison